High-performance valves made of high material grades are indispensable for professional engine tuning. That's why we offer you a variety of ready-to-install valves. You will find valves specially designed for your vehicle in the product finder as accessories for the camshaft. With the valve data below, you can also independently determine whether our valves fit into your engine concept. Compare the main dimensions and find the perfect high-performance valve.

Good to know!

Why do I need sport valves?

Sport valves primarily help to increase the volumetric efficiency of the cylinder even at low speeds due to an enlarged opening cross-section. The result is usually a torque increase at lower speeds. At the same time, the flow resistances are lowered. The valve retainer form we have designed is also aerodynamically designed to provide optimal cylinder volumetric efficiency.

Is a seat ring processing or are new seat rings necessary with the Schrick valves?

LThis cannot be answered generally. With some of our valves, it is sufficient to recut the seat ring. Other valves require completely new seat rings. The best thing is to talk to your engine builder. He can give you a recommendation in individual cases. In many cases, it is useful if a previous channel processing has been done, to modify the valve seat accordingly.

Are custom-made products also possible?

Yes, custom designs are available even for small quantities. But we are happy to process the valves for you according to your drawing. We also give you the opportunity of filling in our valve data sheet (in the download section) with the function-relevant data. We will take care of the rest for your own individual sport valve!

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Haven't found the right valve?

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Which valve materials are used?

We only use high quality valve materials which are suitable for use with our valves. This is on the one hand, a highly heat-resistant valve material or for particularly high requirements in the exhaust area, Nimonic©.

Does it make sense to also choose valves of Nimonic© for the intake?

It doesn't make sense as a rule. A valve made of Nimonic© only has the corresponding strength in a certain temperature window and can have the opposite effect at the intake.

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