Valve keys

Always create the perfect form fit between valve and valve spring retainer with our hardened valve wedges, as a spare part or as a necessary accessory for our Schrick high-performance components.

Good to know!

How are valve wedges designated?

The valve wedges have a standardized designation (e.g. LK7, MK8, etc.) This designation contains the functionally relevant dimensions. Some wedges cannot be directly distinguished visually and would also fit positively into another valve spring retainer if necessary. This must be expressly avoided, as no operational safety is guaranteed and capital engine damage can occur.

Which valve wedges must I use?

Please only use valve wedges, valve spring retainers and valves with clearly the same designation (e.g. LK7, MK8 etc.). Anything else can lead to capital engine damage.

Why do I have to renew the valve keys?

Because the valve wedges can also be subject to wear, it is recommended to renew them during an overhaul or when installing our valve spring retainers and valves in order to guarantee the form and force closure again, depending on the type of wedge.

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