The right choice of materials is decisive for the durability and life of our high-performance components.

Therefore, Schrick accesses the full range of materials available on the market for the production and development of their camshafts. These include camshafts made of cast iron with spheroidal graphite (GGG) and chilled cast iron. For full steel camshafts, we draw on an exactly-defined selection of nitriding, case hardening and through-hardening steels:

  • The usage possibilities of each material are highly application specific. Thus, each material has a number of advantages precisely for its application. The Schrick engineers have found the optimum materials for each application from their years of experience and use this consistently for the manufacture of high-performance camshafts.
  • A material alone does not constitute a high-performance component for us. For each material we offer the possibility of an appropriate heat treatment process. These include case hardening, plasma and gas-nitriding and surface hardening. Only after application of the appropriate technology, are your camshafts operational for maximum loads and ready-to-race!

Please contact us for custom designs, we will be happy to produce the optimum camshaft for your engine.

For more information about custom designs, please click HERE


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